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we are a group of hair system toupee weares who were not completely satisfied with the long time it took to get our hair pieces, lack of customer services, and inconsistent quality of the toupee we received. Thus, we decided to invest intgo a hair toupee manufacturers of our own. so we could control the quality, customer care, production time, and cost we also sought the most innovative pelple in the industry to help us develop our premium hairpiece our Smart Hair Conceptinvisible knots hair system.


When our client need an emergency hairpiece or expedited rush delivery we will be there for them. Our emergency stock hairpieces will be offered first to our client. We will always offer our customers the most aggressive pricing for our hairpieces, no gouging here. When our customer need professional advice regarding their hair system, we are there for them. We will provide the highest quality control with consistency. We will always deliver hairpiece products in a discrete and private manner. We will always seek to have a premium product for those who seek the best in appearance. We will always issue a delivery date so you can plan accordingly. We believe education is very important, that is why we will always seek to inform and educate our clients. We will always offer the highest quality, customer service, and delivery. We Care!

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